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Youth Leadership Camps

Your children need freedom, space and a challenging environment to come out with the best within them.

You will be surprised as to what your child is capable of achieving. MHE programs provide just the right environment to develop individual personalities and build self - confidence. We teach your children to lead and achieve.

Send your children to us and they will prove to you that THEY CAN DO IT !!!


Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap is our Training division that was established in the year 2000.QuantumLeap hasnow positioned itself as a Resource Management and Development center with a special focus on Experiential Learning through Outbound Activities.

Quantum Leap is today one of the most preferred Outbound Training Teams in the country. We have worked extensively with students of Vasant Valley, Scindia, Modern Barakhamba, Mayo, NIIT and Wigan & Leigh College. The University Grants Commission selected our camps to give Outdoor Training to more than 3,000 college Students.

Personality Development Programs

The outdoors provides an extremely powerful medium for training students in new skills or helping them to improve old ones, largely because outdoor learning is experiential in nature.

Experiential learning has evolved to provide effective means for people to continue to learn and develop throughout life. We all learn through experience:by burning ourselves we learn to avoid heated objects, by testing our parents' patience we learn about the acceptable standards of behavior and the consequences of transgressing. Some things simply cannot be learnt from books or lectures. Examples range from riding a bicycle to making friends. So experiential learning is a natural and constant life process on which all-developmental training, particularly PDOP aims to capitalize.

We at Quantum Leap also adhere to five basic principles during this cycle to learning -
1. The cycle is continuously recurring
2. The objectives we set ourselves govern the direction of our learning
3. We all have personal preferences
4. We learn best when personally involved in the learning experience
5. Knowledge, to be truly meaningful needs to be discovered by the individual

In our program, students are encouraged to experiment, try new behaviors and draw their own conclusions. Theories appropriate to the situation are then presented to them to help them develop frameworks to fit their own unique requirements and environments.
"Learning through experience" is what we believe in, and so we present the participants exclusively with concrete tasks in the open, which can be accomplished only by using head, hand, and heart.

We provide an encouraging physical and psychological security framework for these experiences, as well as theoretical and practical aids.

A typical two or three day workshop program comprises a combination of:

  • Short "ice-breakers" where participants work in pairs or a whole group;
  • 1 to 2 hour tasks where groups work in parallel or in collaboration;
  • Outdoor tasks which may be on land or in water (e.g. rock climbing, rafting, kayaking, trekking, camping, rappelling);
  • "Low-ropes" as well as some "high-ropes" course elements (the latter are tasks that take place approximately 30ft above the ground);

Each task is followed by a debriefing session where the experience is reviewed, analyzed, and transfer objectives developed.

We custom design all tasks to meet the Schools' needs and ensure that they are not just challenging, but also safe, fun and educational.

The Program will focus on the following:

  • Dreaming of success
  • Thinking BIG
  • Having belief
  • Going first class
  • Thinking like a leader
  • Destroying Fear
  • Taking action

Benefits for Students

Since the objective of this program is to focus on Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills Management, the program would provide ample opportunity for the participants to understand its importance and develop better relationships. It helps the students appreciate the changes they will encounter later in life.

The program will also provide an insight to behavior patterns of the self in different situations, will help in overcoming areas of concern or weaknesses and provide a platform for all-round development of the personality.

It is commonly believed that OUTBOUND programs are highly physical and demanding. While some programs are, if this medium is as powerful as we believe it to be, it should be as universally accessible as possible. Therefore the roles and opportunities are designed for the participant who may have physical limitations of weight etc or a weak disposition or just afraid of heights.

Our belief is that these conditions after all do not usually prevent the participant from performing in their work place, so should not on the program.


Safety has been the overriding concern in all the practical exercises. This is particularly true in the outdoor, where the potential for danger is often higher. Even when the tasks are relatively innocuous, there is always some risk. People can do or attempt to do strange things under the pressure of an outdoor learning event.

Participants, therefore find some of our safety guidelines pedantic or petty. We make no apologies towards it, rather we would point to our successful safety record. In the final analysis, the OUTBOUND is a medium for Personality Development, not for generating danger, fear or excitement.

Activity Description

Following please find a brief description of activities for the program.


Ropes Courses are today forming an integral part to any outdoor training programs. Initialy Ropes Courses formed a part of an Obstacle course used in the paramilitary forces for training. Today Ropes Courses are much more technical and involve a completely separate expertise.

  • Burma Bridge
    A Burma Bridge is a simple rope bridge over a stream or an obstacle which was extensively used by Japanese army when they invaded India through Burma. Some bridges are more than 100 mtrs long and are constructed with ropes made of bark of trees and its branches. Many Himalayan states of India like Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and J & K still use such bridges across many rivers and streams.
  • Parallel Ropes & Swings
    Parallel Ropes is just another version of a Burma Bridge which is much faster to construct but at the same time not as stable. Listen to the safety instructions carefully before attempting the Parellal ropes and Swings
  • Fidget Ladder
    This ladder is not as easy as it looks. A favorite with outdoor training programs, the Fidget Ladder is an interesting way to make a ladder using ropes and bamboo. All you have to do is cross over.
  • The Flying Fox / Zip Wire:
    This exciting high rope course requires some guts and a feel for heights. Climb on to the Machaan hook into your harness, clip on to the pulley and jump. Simple !!!
    A Zip wire is a frequently used exercise to teach people how to be daring and take that extra step in life.
  • Jumar Climbing
    Jumars are frequently used tools on mountaineering expeditions. This unique contraption is used to scale over hangs and steep inclines aided by one way friction control. Use these Jumars to climb the hanging rope.


  • Blindfold Rope Square
    A simple team game where blindfolded participants make geometrical shapes out of ropes. The exercise is ideal for team dynamics and planing.
  • The Log Walk
    Participants are required to stand on two logs with one foot on each. A minimum of six participants are required for this exercise. Aim is to coordinate your movements with the rest of the group and walk with lifting the logs together.
  • Hug your Tree
    This experience in nature involves blindfolded participants. They are taken to a tree and told to know the tree by hugging the tree and talking to it. After a while they are led away and are told to identify the tree without the blind fold. Once they find the tree then we tell them all we know about the tree.
  • Trust Fall
    The trust fall is a powerful exercise which forces the participant to trust in his team. The participant stands on a high platform and falls blindfolded into the waiting arms of his teams. Many people have been known to back out of this exercise.

Team MHE

Michael Mitra

Michael Mitra is a Graduate in English from Delhi University with a Post Graduate Degree in Human Resources from XLRI Jamshedpur in 1989.

In the last eleven years he has held various positions in Human Resources and Training notably as Group Training Manager for Escorts, and as a Lead Trainer at the National Institute of Sales. He also did a stint with PCL and his last assignment was at STAR TV as the National Head of Human Resources and Training for India.

His expertise areas are in Organization Development with focus on Behavior Training. His forte is Inter-personal Skills Management and Communication, Team dynamics & Group behavior, Supervisory Skills development & Leadership Enhancement.

He also consults with Startup operations in India in the areas of Performance Management, Job & Role Profiling and Organization Structuring.

Akshay Kumar, General Manager, Operations

Akshay is today the youngest adventure travel professional in the country. He has been skiing since the age of three and has been participating at the National level for many years. He trained with the French Alpine team in Val Thorens (France) in 1987.

Akshay got his training in white water sports in Canada in 1985. He has since then established the largest white water operation in India. Akshay has personally led the record breaking descents on rivers like Bhramaputra, Teesta, Sindh etc.

Akshay has handled many training programs for companies like Citibank, BHEL, Microland Computers, Dr.Reddey's Laborotaries etc.

Col. Kumar

Col. N. Kumar (Retd), PVSM, KC, AVSM, FRGS is an internationally respected mountaineer. He is better known as Bull amongst his friends and has over the years gained the reputation of a mountaineering legend. He is today the most highly decorated mountaineer in Indian history.

Since the start of his career, Bull has successfully led mountaineering expeditions to the highest peaks of Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, Garhwal, Kashmir and Eastern Karakoram.

To read more about Col. Kumar click here


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