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Corporate Management Programmes

MHE offers the following HRD Programmes

1) Team Development Program

2) Employee Personal Development Program

3) Leadership Program For Senior Managers

4) Startup Team Development Program

These HRD programs can last from three to five days depending on your corporate budgets and requirements. Also on offer are one day crash course modules out of our camp at Damdamma Lake (45 Km from Delhi).

These unique HRD programs are conducted out of our nodal adventure camps at Shivpuri (Rishikesh), Damdamma (Haryana), Chamba (Garhwal) and are structured around the following objectives: -

  • Creating physical and mental challenges for individuals.
  • Develop personal qualities, leadership, and organizational & planning skills.
  • Team building, Decision making & problem solving.
  • Mission / task orientation. & Creative thinking.
  • Development of analytical skills and an understanding of personality strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop trust amongst participants.
  • Self-assessment and personal responsibility.
  • Providing an alien but productive challenging environment for participants to perform at optimum capacities.

Below are examples of some of the training activities :

Raft building and Ferry exercise

Participants will be given the following equipment and they have to innovate and construct a worthy and usable raft to accomplish a given goal. The final goal may be to cross a calm part of the river or rescue a marooned comrade.

• Bamboo sticks and poles  • Rural Charpoi  • Plastic sheet   • Rope   • Empty Jerrycans  • Life Jackets   • Paddles  • Helmet

Tent Pitching

Each team will be given a complete sophisticated tent with flysheet, wrapped in a tent bag. They will not be shown a prototype. They shall have to erect the tent entirely on their own, which sounds easy but is not. This activity is ideal for judging group dynamics and reactions. Very good for team building and identifying potential leaders in a group.

Natutre Walk

Group divided into 2 teams. Both teams start simultaneously from opposite ends of the trail. The participants will be briefed on different types of forests; geographical locations; given basic introduction to tracking; identification of spoor; bird watching and calls; flora and vegetation. Group members will be asked to collect specimens of flowers; leaves etc for further orientation. Groups cross each other mid way. Exchange notes and ideas.


Each team will be handed over a compass and clue sheet. This clue sheet has been developed along the lines of a story. Along the path there shall also be some nature clues identifying the route. The HR consultant will brief the teams on competition rules and criteria.

The briefing would include handing over of clue sheets and compass; general orientation; safety briefing.

At strategic points, MHE guides will be waiting with water / biscuits / first aid kits. They shall not assist the groups in any other way.

Rock Climbing

Rock-Climbing and Rappelling courses are conducted under strict supervision. Participants are taught to overcome their fear of heights and be innovative in their methods for climbing keeping the basic safety structure in mind. Safety and belays are provided by team members, thus developing a sense of trust between them


A simple exercise in overcoming fear and trusting your team mates. Each member in turn jumps off a 4 meter high cliff into the water. The remaining team members conduct an exercise in mock rescue techniques.


The course is designed so as to include a host of activities involving maximum team participation in activities in a relay system. The order of activities conducted will be as follows:

  • 75 Mts. run includes rock running, beach running and a dune jump.
  • Three-legged race on the sand.
  • Sack race
  • Cross Country jungle run.
  • Raft race and team paddling efforts.
  • Rock climbing competition.
  • Kayak and swimming race.
  • The Olympics will end with a Tug Of War and beach volleyball match between teams.



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