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Dudhwa National Park (Uttar Pradesh)

About the Park

Located on the border of Nepal and India, Dudhwa was established as a sanctuary in 1968 and was later upgraded to a national park in 1977. The sanctuary was initially established to protect its large and over hunted population of Swamp Deer or Barasingha. The park was the site of successful reintroduction of tigers, leopards and rhinocerous under the loving care of naturalist "Billy" Arjan Singh. Dudhwa is one of India's most exciting wildlife reserves but sadly it is also the most vunerable and sensitive.

Common Animals

Tiger, leopard, elephant, one horned rhino, sloth bears, ratels, civets, small cats, swamp / hog / spotted / barking / deer, mugger crocodile, otters, pythons and other snakes.

Common Birds

Dudhwa is renown for its extensive variety of large birds that range from different species of Owls, Storks, Vultures, Eagles and Hawks. Sadly the Damoiselle Cranes and White Ibis no longer visit the park.

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