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Your Safety

MHE has a long standing reputation at the safest wilderness operations in the country. All MHE guides and leaders have been trained in First Aid and CPR techniques.

All MHE trips crossing an altitude of 16,000 Ft carry a supply of portable oxygen and hyperbaric chamber.

In case of a serious medical emergency we try and organise the fastest evacuation possible by road or air to the nearest hospital and then onwards to Delhi. *

All people travelling with MHE are required to buy a travel insurance from country of origin, which should include air evacuation incase of medical emergencies.

Eco Code

We pledge to be a partner in conducting responsible and sustainable tourism with minimal impact on the physical, cultural and social environment of the area.

MHE is firmly committed to preserving our fragile environment. All MHE tours follow a strict eco-code that involves everyone, starting from the office, to our clients, the adventure staff on field and the local community.

To that effect we are proud to present the following paper compiled by us, for you to read and pass on. The paper contains excerpts from the best eco tourism parctices around the world.

Moving towards the task outlined in the above pledge we have to conserve and protect our environment on all fronts. In the following pages we have endeavoured to extensively outline industry specific guidelines. These measures have to be adopted sooner or later by the tourism industry in a positive and pro active collaboration with the Indian Government.

Table of Contents

  • Why Conserve ?
  • How can we conserve?
  • Tread Softly
  • Ecotourism Industry and Market Place
  • Some Basic Facts
  • Genral Minimum Impact Practices For Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
  • Minimum Impact Guidelines for Ecotourists
  • Minimum Impact Guidelines for Adventure Tour Operators
  • Basic Minimum Impact Guidelines For Hotels
  • Minimal Impact Camping
  • Minimal Impact Mountain Biking
  • Minimal Impact River Camps and Related Activities
  • Minimal Impact Motor Safaris
  • Minimal Impact Horse/Elephant/Camel Safaris
  • Minimal Impact Skiing & Winter Snow Camping
  • Minimal Impact Trekking
  • Minimum Impact Climbing Expeditions
  • Basic Minimum Impact Guidelines for Households
  • Minimum Impact Guidelines For Hotel Guests
  • Marine Conservation
  • Basic Minimum Impact Guidelines For Cruise Ship
  • Authors
pdf document
Download the pdf here.
(eco_pledge.pdf - 138KB)
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