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Youth Leadership Camps

Your children need freedom, space and a challenging environment to come out with the best within them.

You will be surprised as to what your child is capable of achieving. MHE leadership programs provide just the right environment to develop individual personalities and build self - confidence. These programs are offered in colloboration with Himalayan Outward Bound (HOB).

HOB, as a not-for-profit organization that is licenced by Outward Bound International (OBI) to conduct Outward Bound programs in India. Outward Bound International is a network of over 40 educational centres spanning 5 continents and more than 30 countries.

All Outward Bound (OB) programs the world over are based on the philosophy of its founder Kurt Hahn, and aim to empower participants through adventure, challenges and experiential learning. They endeavor to develop the capacities of the mind, body and spirit to enable the participant thus enabling them to better understand his/her responsibilities to self, others and the world around. The participants are given the opportunity to get hands on training on technical adventure skills and will learn to lead their group through challenging exercises and simulated situations.

Outward Bound International

The outdoors provides an extremely powerful medium for training students in new skills or helping them to improve old ones, largely because outdoor learning is experiential in nature.

Experiential learning has evolved to provide effective means for people to continue to learn and develop throughout life. We all learn through experience:by burning ourselves we learn to avoid heated objects, by testing our parents' patience we learn about the acceptable standards of behavior and the consequences of transgressing. Some things simply cannot be learnt from books or lectures. Examples range from riding a bicycle to making friends. So experiential learning is a natural and constant life process on which all-developmental training aims to capitalize.

In our program, students are encouraged to experiment, try new behaviors and draw their own conclusions. Theories appropriate to the situation are then presented to them to help them develop frameworks to fit their own unique requirements and environments.
"Learning through experience" is what we believe in, and so we present the participants exclusively with concrete tasks in the open, which can be accomplished only by using head, hand, and heart.

We provide an encouraging physical and psychological security framework for these experiences, as well as theoretical and practical aids.

A typical two or three day workshop program comprises a combination of:

  • Short "ice-breakers" where participants work in pairs or a whole group;
  • 1 to 2 hour tasks where groups work in parallel or in collaboration;
  • Outdoor tasks which may be on land or in water (e.g. rock climbing, rafting, kayaking, trekking, camping, rappelling);
  • "Low-ropes" as well as some "high-ropes" course elements (the latter are tasks that take place approximately 30ft above the ground);

Each task is followed by a debriefing session where the experience is reviewed, analyzed, and transfer objectives developed.

We custom design all tasks to meet the Schools' needs and ensure that they are not just challenging, but also safe, fun and educational.

Benefits for Students

The main objective of this program is to focus on Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills Management, the program would provide ample opportunity for the participants to understand its importance and develop better relationships. It helps the students appreciate the changes they will encounter later in life.

The program will also provide an insight to behavior patterns of the self in different situations, will help in overcoming areas of concern or weaknesses and provide a platform for all-round development of the personality.

It is commonly believed that Outward Bound programs are highly physical and demanding. While some programs are, if this medium is as powerful as we believe it to be, it should be as universally accessible as possible. Therefore the roles and opportunities are designed for the participant who may have physical limitations of weight etc or a weak disposition or just afraid of heights.

Our belief is that these conditions after all do not usually prevent the participant from performing in their work place, so should not on the program.


Safety has been the overriding concern in all the practical exercises. This is particularly true in the outdoor, where the potential for danger is often higher. Even when the tasks are relatively innocuous, there is always some risk. People can do or attempt to do strange things under the pressure of an outdoor learning event.

Participants, therefore find some of our safety guidelines pedantic or petty. We make no apologies towards it, rather we would point to our successful safety record.


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