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A 200% casino bonus is a really nice gift that can be provided by the best online casinos in India. So, it is senseless to ignore it! A reward will help you to experience more fun from playing your favorite games right from the beginning. A 200 casino bonus is a generous present that may come as a welcome bonus or just a deposit extra.

All in all, it is not hard to receive this kind of bonus. You just need to follow specific rules and possess enough info. Scan this material for all the details then!

What Is a 200% Deposit Bonus?

A casino bonus (200 percent value) is a special kind of reward that allows you to enjoy gambling more. This gift is all about the following stuff. You need to make a deposit, and you will receive a bonus in connection with it (it may be a 200 sign up bonus casino). Let’s take a look at the math behind it. If you decide to deposit 100 INR, you will receive 100 INR x2=200 INR as a bonus. To conclude, you will have a sum worth 100 INR+200 INR=300 INR to play with. This sounds pretty attractive, right?

As for the speed of receiving the reward, it is typically credited to your account funds as long as you are done with making a deposit. However, things may be quite different. This depends on what casino platform you end up dealing with.

Best 200% Deposit Bonus Casinos in India

Every player who wants to get a casino 200 bonus should be aware of the features of the best online casinos. It is very important to pick the right platform for participation. Otherwise, you risk losing your money, time, and motivation to play casino games. So, this is what an online casino should be characterized by:

Casino Bonus

  • A variety of casino games. It is awesome when you are able to deal with live casino games, play slots, or be involved in table titles. It is also cool when there are special filters for the participants;Casino Bonus
  • A great number of casino bonuses. There should not only be a casino online 200 bonus. It is cool when the players can savor extra free spins, exciting promos of all kinds, and tournaments;wagering requirements
  • Fine wagering requirements. There is no use in dealing with the 200 casino bonus if you are not going to be able to handle the rules associated with it;Customer Support
  • Customer support that is always by your side to help (the means of reaching its members can vary but the service has to be convenient for the users);
    Casino License
  • A presence of the license. This is an absolute must. If the platform is not licensed, it is really risky to join it;
  • Positive reviews from the users and experts. You have an opportunity to come across these opinions about most casinos on the Net. But check the credibility of the resource with the reviews too.

We have taken a look at Indian platforms that suggest a 200% bonus casino today. We considered all of the most important characteristics and managed to come up with a list of the top sites in this category. Feel free to have a glance at it below.

  1. Slottica.
  2. 4raBet.
  3. 10CRIC.
  4. 1win.
  5. Parimatch.

So, you will certainly be able to enjoy the reward you are seeking in case you opt for any of these platforms.

Why Do Casinos Give Such Bonuses?

There are a few reasons why a casino bonus of this kind is offered by various platforms. They are given below.

  1. The casinos stimulate players to be involved in the games for a longer time. It is pretty logical that you are going to play more when you have more cash on the balance. Then, you will have to wager the online casino bonus (200 value) to withdraw cash. This is going to prolong the gameplay even to a greater extent.
  2. The platforms make you share an email address. A big deal of deposit bonuses is suggested in connection with the sign-up. At this point, the new members normally share their email addresses. After this, they will receive notifications covering new and hot rewards. As a result, they will have an intention to play again.
  3. Online casinos let the players feel like they are taken care of. It is really this way. Everyone likes to receive presents, and a 200 bonus casino online is not an exception at all.

Wagering Requirements and Other Rules for 200% Bonuses

It is important to realize that a 200 deposit bonus is going to be linked to certain rules of claiming and using it. By the way, this refers basically to all online casino rewards today. Let’s take a look at the basic terms to be aware of.

First of all, you will have to face wagering requirements. This is a figure that states a number of times you are obliged to play a bonus through to be able to withdraw cash that was gained with the help of it. 

Apart from this, there is a minimum deposit to keep in mind. You have to add a certain sum of money to get the casino bonus (200%). Plus, there is such stuff as the maximum bonus. This is the greatest value of cash reward you can experience.

Do not forget about the game exemptions. These are specific titles that will not contribute towards wagering rules. Finally, any bonus is linked to an expiry aspect. This means that you have an opportunity to claim and play with a reward within a certain period of time. And now, we are ready to present you with the essence and conditions for the online casino bonus (200%) of each of the top platforms we have mentioned above.



This platform is eager to offer a marvelous reward with a 200% value in connection with the first deposit you will make. The minimum deposit in this case is 750 INR. The greatest bet for bonus wagering is 200 INR. Wagering requirements are presented by the x45 figure.



Things are quite similar here. You will receive a worthy 200 bonus casino from 4raBet if you make the primary deposit to the platform. The smallest deposit to introduce is 100 INR. The biggest bonus you can receive is 30,000 INR. A wager period is 7 days, and you will have to face the x20 requirement. Note that the offer works only for slot games.



10CRIC is another cool site to deal with. Get ready to savor a special online casino 200% bonus when you decide to make the second deposit. The greatest bonus to receive is 20,000 INR. By the way, you will also get a Free Bet as an extra present! There is a 35 times rollover requirement for the bonuses. The stake contributions of various games are going to be different (for instance, it is 100% for Keno and slots, and 20% for card titles and Teen Patti).



Here goes another representative of our top. It is 1win. Get ready to receive the online casino 200 bonus linked to the first deposit you will be making. The overall percentage of rewards to get for adding the first five deposits can reach 500%.



We are pleased to close the top with this brand. This is another nice casino with 200 bonus. So, there is a bonus with such a value in connection with slots. You will have to come across a 35x rollover requirement that has to be met within 14 days. There is a special “Games for the Bonus” section to take a look at. 

Pros and Cons of 200% Deposit Bonuses

200 casino bonuses are characterized by specific positives and negatives. They are going to be outlined in the table below.

Pros Cons
This type of reward adds you cash, and you can play more The players do not have a lot of time to wager these bonuses
It is a lot of fun to receive bonuses In some cases, wagering requirements for this bonus are too high
The players do not have to make a lot of effort to receive a 200% bonus (online casino)
This is a nice way to practice playing games more (if you do not have a lot of experience)

How to Claim Your 200% Deposit Bonus?

It is vital to stick to a specific sequence of actions to be able to receive a 200 deposit bonus online casino. We will be really pleased to introduce them below.

Step #1: Find an Online Casino with a 200% Deposit Bonus

First of all, you should decide what platform you will be dealing with. Certainly, it is a great idea to choose one of the sites from our top list. However, it is also okay to search on your own. But in this case, you need to pay attention to the basic criteria we have presented you with.

If you cannot decide what top platform to choose, you can simply have a glance at all of them and make a conclusion based on this. Some players prefer to select the brand after looking at the design and interface of the platform. Plus, you may be interested in some specific playing titles, and there is a sense in checking whether they will be given to you on a certain site. Finally, link your decision to the rules and requirements of getting a 200 bonus (online casino).

Step #2: Sign Up and Study the Rules of Dealing with the Bonus


Sign Up

The process of registration typically does not take a lot of time. You should find the appropriate option on the site of the casino platform and follow it. Reputable casinos typically ask you to state your personal data, contact, and location info. Once you have checked everything, you can move on, and complete the procedure.

When you have become a full-fledged member of a specific online casino, it is time to take a look at the rules that are associated with the casino online bonus (200%). This way, you will be aware of what to expect when claiming the reward and dealing with it.

Step #3: Make Your Deposit


At this point, you are getting really close to actual playing and getting the reward you are dreaming of. You need to make a deposit of a certain sum (it is given in the rules). To add some cash money, it is obligatory to pick a payment method and state the sum you would like to deposit.

Step #4: Receive and Play with the Bonus Funds

Once you are done with the deposit, a 200 online casino bonus will be credited to your account. There is a sense in getting in touch with customer support in case you did not receive it. As long as the bonus is suggested to you, you can savor playing your favorite titles.

Things to Keep in Mind When Claiming a Large Casino Bonus

Things to Keep in Mind When Claiming a Large Casino Bonus

As you see, it is not too hard to get a 200% casino bonus. At the same time, there are some extra aspects to cover. We are going to present them below.

  1. Check the expiry date of the bonus. You need to make sure that the promo is still accessible. Plus, it is a good idea to wonder how much time you will have to wager the bonus.
  2. Take a look at the wagering requirements figure. In some cases, it looks rather crazy, and you might have difficulty using such a reward.
  3. Wonder what payment options are suggested on the platform. Good casino sites are usually ready to promote a variety of those. However, you should be able to select a method that suits you personally.
  4. Explore game exclusions for casino bonuses (200 value). Some of the playing titles do not contribute towards wagering requirements. And, it is a shame if you are in love with playing one of these options.
  5. Make the right choice when speaking of what games to be involved in. As soon as you claim the online casino 200 bonus, you will be at the point of selecting what to get engaged in. It should be something you really like first of all. Besides, you need to think about the volatility of the titles. There is a sense in dealing with the stuff with high volatility if big wins are a matter of your interest. Low to medium volatility will be a good decision for those who are okay with smaller wins but want to enjoy a deposit bonus for a longer time.
  6. Do not hurry when playing. Choose the stuff you are genuinely interested in, and spend some time studying the rules of the game you are going to choose. You will not make a mistake if you decide to dig deeper into such stuff before you begin to participate.

Other Kinds of Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos 200 bonus is not the only offer you can savor when joining the best casino platforms. There is much more than this that is waiting for you.

Deposit Match Bonuses of a Different Value

Deposit casino bonuses are typically characterized by various value and conditions for using them. So, you are free to grab a 100%, 150%, and even a 300% deposit bonus. The last offer sounds really tempting, right?

The deposit rewards of a certain value are given to the participants in connection with the deposit they make. Again, there is a minimum deposit to remember about (you cannot add less than a specific sum of INR to get the offer). There are also wagering requirements that have to be met. Plus, there is a maximum bonus figure you can receive when dealing with a deposit match reward.

Deposit match bonuses can be given in connection with registration but it is not the only case. You often can receive online casino bonuses when you make further deposits (second, third, and so on). 

Relevant info about the deposit match bonuses can usually be found in the section called “Bonuses” or “Promotions”. If you have any questions about the offer, it is okay to ask customer support for clarifications.

Note that in some cases, you will have to insert a bonus code to get a deposit match bonus. Such a code can often be found right on the site of the casino platform.

Free Spins Bonuses

This kind of reward is something that draws the attention of slot lovers. And certainly, this type of present should never be ignored by the players. So, you have a chance to receive some free spins when making a deposit. This is typically stated in the description and conditions of obtaining a specific bonus.

The number of free spins can vary. You may savor 20, 50, or 100 of them. Very often, the free spins offer is tied to a specific slot game. It is awesome if you have played it before and this game is one of your favorites. But what shall you do in case this option is new to you? Simply try it, and you might experience completely new emotions!

Reload Bonuses

You can also come across this kind of reward on some Indian online casino platforms. In short, this is the offer that is available for the existing clients. This is what the platforms do to sort of reward the participants for their loyalty to the brand.

Note that their value can also be rather different, and there are specific conditions tied to such rewards. Normally, these bonuses are characterized by a lower percentage (less than 100%). But here is a positive aspect of such a reward: it is normally associated with lower wagering requirements.

200% Casino Bonuses FAQ


How do I choose a casino bonus?

Look at the value of the bonus and see whether the rules of it are real to handle. Plus, it is important to check what games you can play with a certain reward.

Can I convert the casino bonus to cash?

No, there is no such an opportunity. You are free to win some funds with the help of a casino reward but there is no way the bonus can be converted to money. Plus, there are wagering requirements to keep in mind. You need to take them into account to be able to withdraw what you have won by means of bonus money.

Does the 200% bonus apply to all games?

It may but you are also likely to come across certain game exclusions. This is the kind of data that has to be explored in connection with a platform you decide to deal with.

Can I get free spins with the 200% casino bonus?

You sure can! There are such nice offers today. Just explore the data about the gift, and see whether free spins are included or not.

Why is a 200% casino bonus cool?

This is a super exciting way to boost your playing on the casino platform. You will certainly have more fun if you decide to claim the best casino bonuses (200 value).