Best Online Bingo Casinos List 2023

How to play bingo online and where are the best places to play bingo online are just some of the questions we are going to answer for you in this article! With a huge amount of online sites for you to play bingo, we have taken the time to bring you the best!

Real money betting on bingo can be great fun and we took the time to save you a potentially bad experience. Read on for how to play bingo online find your new favourite place to play or even play your first game of bingo on one of the sites we recommend!

Best Real Money Bingo Casinos in India 2023

With so many online casinos offering real money bingo, it can often be difficult to find an online bingo site and choose which casinos are going to provide you with the best bonuses and options for your betting.

From our research we can bring you some of the best real money bingo casinos:


MostBet Casino offers 81 different bingo games

MostBet casino have a massive 81 different bingo games available to their customers. As well as a bingo site the also have a sportsbook and a traditional casino offering table, card, and slots games. New users at MostBet are eligible for a 25,000 INR First Deposit Bonus alongside 250 Free Spins. There is also a bonus with every additional deposit and the casino will also refund 10% of your losses each week.


22bet has many different bingo software providers

22Bet has 9 different software providers supplying bingo games giving you a choice of 93 different fun games to choose from. New customers can get a deposit bonus of up to 25,000 INR as well as taking part in a weekly losses cashback scheme which are credited automatically.


9winz has many different types of bonus

9winz has 69 bingo games for you to choose from once you are registered and logged into the site. They have a large range of welcome bonuses including 100 INR for just confirming your Email address. Larger amounts are available as a deposit match bonus and they also have Free spins and weekly cashback too.

The quick history of Bingo

Bingo is said to originate from the Italian lottery “il Gioco del Lotto d`italia”. After moving from Italy to France and adopting the name Le Lotto and being played by the French aristocracy. The game is then believed to have migrated to the UK at some point in the early 18th century as well as spreading to other parts of Europe. The origins of the modern version of the game and its current name are unclear however a major resurgence in popularity of the game came in the 1920s when every town and city had its own bingo hall. Online bingo sites have come into their own in the 21st Century, either as a pure online bingo hall or as an online casino that also provides bingo rooms to play in.

How to determine the best Indian online bingo casinos

There are many Indian bingo sites to choose from and which is the “best” for one individual will be different to what is “best” for another. We will go through some of the main factors that should be considered though, and then you can look at these at each casino site to decide what is best for you.

Park Bingo

Online Bingo Games Selection

The quality of an online bingo site can often be determined by the selection of bingo rooms that they offer to real money players. The online bingo sites that offer the widest range of quality bingo games are likely to be the ones that can be trusted with your money and they will provide you with the best gaming experience. A good online bingo game is one that is compatible with great bonuses, lets you purchase multiple bingo cards well in advance, and has short waiting times between games. On top of this the bingo tickets should come in a variety of prices and since you will be playing for real money prizes a good payout percentage is also important. These are just some of the features necessary to create a good online bingo experience for customers and are features that should be looked for when deciding whether a site is right for you.

Other Casino Games Available

High quality online bingo sites are going to provide more than just bingo rooms. They will also function as a real money online casino and offer their customers all the different games that casinos provide. You should be able to win money playing live casino games, as well as slots, blackjack, roulette, and video poker. These casino games are provided with great graphics and exciting gameplay to make it almost indistinguishable whether you are at a casino site or an online bingo site.

Bonuses and Promotions

The best online bingo sites will offer a wide array of promotions and bonuses and this is often a great indicator that a site is going to provide a high quality online bingo experience. When bingo sites put a lot of effort into providing high quality bonuses and promotions it makes the bingo games more fun, increases the chances that you will win real money and at the very least extends the length of your bingo gameplay.

Mobile Bingo Sites to Play for Real Money

As well as playing at traditional websites that off bingo games for money, we will look at the options available for those who want to play bingo on the go from a mobile device.

Are There Bingo Apps for Real Money?

The short answer is “Yes”! There are many apps that can be used on your mobile device. The best online bingo sites will have an App that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Even a simple search can net you hundreds of results for potential casino apps to play real money online bingo. Bingo Apps will often have the option of choosing between free bingo games just for fun or you can pay real money in the hope of winning cash prizes.

Mobile Bingo

Step-by-Step Guide to Play Online Bingo for Money

In this section, we explain how to play bingo in Indian casinos – from registering on the gambling site to placing your first bet.

Register at one of the best bingo sites

The first step to playing real money bingo online is creating an account. You will have to fill in your basic personal info such as your name, date of birth, address, gender and E-mail address. As well as this most sites will also require you to provide proof of age at this stage in the form of a photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport.

Make Your Online Casino Deposit

The second step towards playing online bingo for real money is to deposit! On almost every site there is a large “deposit” button located along the top bar (typically in the top right corner) Click this button and select your preferred payment method. Enter all of the necessary information for your chosen deposit method and include the amount you would like to deposit.

Choose a Welcome Bonus

Many sites offer a welcome bonus upon sign up or upon your first real money deposit. Choosing one of these can give you either bonus money to play with, free bingo tickets, or free spins to use on one of the slot games. Remember that each bonus will have T&Cs attached which must be met before you can withdraw money from your play.

Play Online Bingo Games

The final step is to play the game! Find one of the many available online bingo games and buy a bingo card and then sit down to play. One of the beauties of playing online bingo is its simplicity, there is nothing left to do after you have bought a card, you can sit back and relax and watch the action unfold. If one of your bingo cards is a winner then at the end of the game real money will be added to your account. We wish you the best of luck!

Bingo rules

The basic rules when playing bingo are that each player must have a minimum of one card. Bingo gameplay can vary depending on which bingo game you are playing but there is a standard format that most follow. To win standard bingo games, you must have every number in one line on your bingo card appear in the random draw of numbers. You must of course complete this line before anyone else completes theirs and if you are playing for real money then you will have now won one of three cash prizes. After someone has completed one line, the next winner will be whoever has completed two lines and they will win a slightly larger prize. The final prize is a “full house” where every number on a bingo card must be filled in and this is the largest prize. If you are playing a standard bingo game there is nothing to stop the same person winning two or even all three of the prizes.

Different bingo games can exist though with different prize structures and different rules that could apply in relation to how you become a winner. The best bingo sites will have a clear explanation of exactly how to play the game before you pay real money and buy a ticket.

Betting options in bingo

When betting on online bingo often the main choice you get (in fact the only choice you get) is over the number of cards that you can purchase for each game. Some sites allow you to only purchase one card and others allow you to purchase multiple which increases your chances of winning but also increases the cost and therefore your potential loss.

Why Players Love Online Bingo for Real Money

Those who play online bingo online love the game, and there are several reasons for that. Things that appeal to those who play bingo games to win real money are listed below.

Game Variations

There is a large variety of bingo games available for you as a player. Bingo gameplay does not alter a lot when it comes to drawing random balls and being the first to complete sections of a card with random numbers on, that is the same, but what combinations cause you to win, how much a card costs, and the prize distribution will vary from game to game. Only once you start playing bingo online will you understand the tension of only having one ball left for a full house, it is this excitement that is a major factor in why so many people love playing online bingo!

Bonuses & Promotions

There are lots of promotions and bonuses available when you are playing bingo. These promotions allow you to either enter a bingo game at a lower cost or by giving free presents and even real money refunds when you lose.

No Added Costs

It is worth remembering that with online bingo games, there is no additional costs to play. Once you have purchased your cards and the bingo game has started that is it. When you play bingo games it is easier to control your spending allowing you to play bingo for relatively low cost.

Bingo terminology

Now we will look at some basic bingo terminology you will see and hear during your bingo game play.

  • Line – This is when a full row of bingo numbers has been successfully filled in and if you are the first person to do so in a game comes with a reward.
  • A Full House – Here every single number on your bingo card has been filled in and the game typically ends once one player has called a full house. A full house also often comes with the largest prize.
  • A bingo card – It is a card that players buy at the start of a bingo game. Each bingo card comes with a variety of numbers each of which must be filled out by the player as they are called in order to earn a reward.

Best Bingo Bonuses in India

When you start to play bingo online you will soon discover that bonuses and promotions play a large part in the experience. They are what can set on site significantly apart from another, we will look at some of the different types of bonuses available below.

Bingo bonuses

Welcome Bonus

When you start playing online bingo the Welcome bonuses will probably be one of the first things that you notice. Often providing you with extra bingo credit, welcome bonuses are a great way to get into a site for the first time.

Match Bonus

A match bonus is when the site you are betting on matches your first deposit with what is typically cash credited to your account. It can also be bingo cards to the value of your initial deposit amount which can not be withdrawn themselves but winnings are paid as real money.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is a bonus offered to people that have already deposited on a site and are coming back to the site after choosing to continue playing. These bonuses are offered as a “Loyalty” bonus to encourage players to keep coming back.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is a bonus you can receive when you sign up to a site but have not yet deposited. This type of bonus encourages players to start playing and if they are having fun to deposit further down the line.

VIP Bonus

A vip bonus is a bonus typically saved for high rollers and is reserved for “VIPS” only. Vip bonuses often include the potential to win prizes, free bets and other offers that are inaccessible to normal users of the site.

Weekly/Ongoing Promotions

Weekly promotions are promotions that continue over an extended time period and often include a daily spin, weekly bonus for certain deposit limits, or other bonuses that occur regularly over a certain time frame.

Top online bingo providers

There are several top online bingo software providers in India. These providers cater to the Indian market, offering a variety of bingo games and features tailored to local preferences and regulations. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Playtech
  • Microgaming
  • Dragonfish
  • Cozy Games
  • LeapFrog Gaming


How can I play bingo online for real money?

Playing bingo online for real money is an easy process. Simply find an online casino where you can play bingo and create an account. Deposit some funds into the account and get ready to start playing bingo online!

Can I Play Free Bingo Games Online?

Yes! Some online sites offer you a weekly free game of bingo, a free bingo card or a spin on a lucky wheel which can result in a free try at some of the best online bingo games.

Where can I play bingo online for money?

There are thousands of sites available for you to play bingo online however some of those we can recommend are listed above!

Are Online Bingo Games Rigged?

No. At least it is incredibly unlikely. All bingo casinos already have an edge and will win no matter what playing by the rules. They have no reason to cheat and if they were to be caught doing so they would lose their licence.

Can I Play Online Bingo Via Mobile?

Many online bingo casinos come with a mobile app which can be downloaded on your phone and allow you to play mobile bingo either at home or whilst you are away.

Can I Claim Bingo Bonuses and Promotions?

Yes! Although almost every bingo bonus has terms and conditions which you must abide by in order to try and claim it, you are able to claim bonuses and promotions based around bingo on any site that offers them.

Can I Play Online Bingo With Cryptocurrencies?

Although this question depends largely on the online casino providing the bingo game, it is generally possible to deposit at some websites using cryptocurrency.