Best Teen Patti Live Casinos for India 2023

Teen Patti is ready for its time in the spotlight! This card game has been an absolute favourite in Indian households for centuries. So if you want to make a splash in the casino world, Teen Patti can be a fine choice!

Keep reading to learn which live casinos provide this card game, offering support, great banking options, and rewards to make your gaming experience better. We have got some top-notch recommendations for you. They will keep even the most fastidious gamer entertained with the game!

What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti, or three cards, is an Indian card game of high stakes. Players compete to collect the highest number of chips or money. The game is easy to learn but challenging to master. It has become increasingly popular among millions of players around the world.

Teen Patti

The card game dates back centuries. You can trace its roots in Ancient India. Teen Patti is the ancient version of what we now know as poker. It is special for Indians because they associate it with Janmashtami, the festival celebrating Krishna’s birth. When friends and family members play the game, they see it as a way of celebrating together.

The rules are easy to understand. All you need is a deck of cards and some chips or money. The players compete to get the highest number of chips or money. Each player receives three cards, face down. Everyone looks at their cards and decides whether to stay in the game. Then, everyone who stays in the game shows their cards, and the player with the best hand wins.

In case you are wondering, how many Teen Patti players are needed to change a lightbulb: none. They just bluff their way out of the dark! 

Is Teen Patti Online Legal in India?

The situation is complicated, to say the least. Indian gambling is regulated by the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which makes it illegal to run a gambling business. The document explains gambling as the activity entered into or undertaken with a consciousness of the risk of winning or losing.

The regulations around online Teen Patti games can be pretty confusing for Indian players. The Central Government of India has no jurisdiction over any foreign-based gaming sites. However, these operators must have a license to provide their services legally. Indian players can play the game at licensed international casino sites without worrying about legal consequences.

All in all, anyone wanting to participate in these games must know the various legalities surrounding them. This way, they can join an international platform with total confidence.

How to Select the Best Teen Patti Casino?

You may be overwhelmed by all the options with the unprecedented boom in online Teen Patti. No need to worry: we have some helpful tips to guide you in your quest.

Teen Patti Casinos

Reputation and license

It is of the utmost importance to consider a casino’s reputation and licensing. A reputable and licensed casino will ensure a secure and fair gaming environment. Look out for any accreditations that the casino has or the software providers used by the casino.

Game selection and software providers

Ensure that all games are of the highest quality, with great graphics and a smooth playing experience. The most reliable providers in the industry are NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Playtech. They have a good reputation and produce fair and secure games.

Bonuses and promotions

Many Teen Patti casinos offer bonuses and promotions to attract players. These can include welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, and VIP programs. Read the terms and conditions of these bonuses before using them. Some may have wagering requirements to meet before withdrawing any winnings. Moreover, it would help if you ensured that the bonus or promotion is suitable for your playing style and budget.

Payment methods

Indian players can get started by depositing money into their accounts. They can do this through the following methods:

  1. Paytm. This is a popular e-wallet service in India: online casinos accept it widely. Paytm does not charge any fees, and deposits are instant.
  2. IMPS/UPI. These are relatively new payment methods in India. They allow players to deposit money from one bank account to another. All you need is to create a virtual payment address which is pretty straightforward.
  3. Google Pay. You have definitely heard of this one. It is a great option to top up your account, as most casinos accept Google Pay.
  4. Net Banking. This is another way to deposit money into your account via the internet. Net Banking is instant, secure and reliable, which makes it a great option.

If you are new to this world, use more traditional methods such as cards or bank transfers to make your deposits. This way, you can feel more secure.

Mobile app

Many players prefer using smartphones or tablets, so choosing an online casino with a mobile application is crucial. Most casinos have this option; you can use your existing account credentials to log in. This is an acceptable way to play Teen Patti on the go, and you can use it with any mobile device.

Customer support

Although this factor is last on the list, you should consider its importance. Customer support is an essential part of online gaming. The best casinos will quickly answer your queries and provide helpful information. You should also be able to contact the customer support team in multiple ways, such as live chat, telephone and email.

Considering these aspects, you can easily find the best online Teen Patti casino. If you take your time and make thorough research, your choice will satisfy you!

But if you are in a hurry to find the best casino, try one of these suggestions and enjoy all of their features with no doubt:

  1. Fun88.
  2. Bollywood Casino.
  3. Jeetplay.
  4. PureWin.
  5. Lucky Elektra.
  6. Parimatch.
  7. Casino Days.
  8. Betindi.
  9. Lucky Block.
  10. LottaBet.

Teen Patti Gameplay Explained

Let us look through the main points of the popular Teen Patti card game. Remember to read the following carefully, as it will help you understand this game better.

Teen Patti Table Layout

Teen Patti is a card game played between 3 to 6 players. It demands a 52-card deck. Each player is supposed to have three cards. The table layout is similar to the one for Blackjack. It consists of a table with three card stacks, known as the pot, and a single discard pile. Players must choose whether to remain in the game or fold when they get their cards. If they decide to stay, the player must place an ante wager.

Once all players have placed their ante bet, the game begins. After a dealer gives three face-up cards to each player, they have to raise their bet or fold. The dealer reveals two more community cards if all players remain in the game. This is when the real action starts: players evaluate their hands and decide whether or not to continue.

The game aims to have the highest-ranking hand by combining one’s three cards with two of the five community cards.

Teen Patti Hand Ranking

Once a dealer has revealed the five community cards, each player can choose to make their best five-card hand using combinations. The hand ranking is as follows:

  • Trail, Set, or Trio — three cards of the same kind irrespective of their colour or suit;
  • Pure Sequence, or Straight Flush — three consecutive cards belonging to the same suit;
  • Run, or Straight — three consecutive cards form the hand but belong to different suits;
  • Colour, or Flush — three cards that belong to the same suit but are not in sequence;
  • Pair, or Double — two cards of the same rank, irrespective of their colour or suit;
  • High Card — three cards belonging to different suits and not in sequence.

Once all players have made their best hands, the dealer compares each hand with the table and awards the win to the player with the highest-ranking hand. If two players have the same rank, the pot is split.

Teen Patti Odds

The odds of winning in the game depend on the number of players, their skill level and betting strategies. Generally speaking, they are relatively good, as it is a game based on luck and skill. The house edge can range from 3.5% to 4%.

Overall, Teen Patti is a game for players of all levels and ages. But despite this, be sure to brush up on your strategy and odds before venturing into a real-life game or playing online.

Teen Patti Variations

If you feel like switching things up, there are exciting variations to the classic Teen Patti game.

Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti Muflis

Players enjoy this game with no blinds, no antes and no pot. Each gets four cards, and the dealer offers three cards face-up, which act as community cards.

Best of Four Teen Patti

This variation has four decks, each containing 13 cards. The player receives six cards and can make their best hand using any four.

AK47 Teen Patti

This is the most popular of all the variations. Each player receives four cards in this game and can make their best hand using any three.

Joker Online Teen Patti

This is the Teen Patti game to play online. Players have six cards and make their best hand using four and one joker card.

Teen Patti 2-3-5

Another popular variation requires two decks, three decks and five decks. The player receives six cards and can make their best hand using any four.

How To Play Teen Patti Online?

Indians have been playing the card game for centuries. Nowadays, you can play this exciting game from the comfort of your home with the rise of online casinos. If you are new to Teen Patti, here is a brief guide on how to start:

  1. Find a reputable casino. Research reviews of different platforms and check out the licensing agreement to ensure your chosen casino is secure and legal.
  2. Choose a table. Once you have found a suitable platform, you can look through the available tables and choose one that fits your budget and needs.
  3. Set up an account. This usually involves supplying information such as your name, age and address.
  4. Deposit funds. You will find the perfect payment method, as online casinos accept various options.
  5. Start playing. The rules are the same as in a physical game, so you can jump quickly.

If you want to place bets, you need to decide how much money you want to bet and then place your chips in the designated area. You can then take turns with other players to see who has the best hands.

Remember that bluffing and assessing opponents’ tactics accurately are crucial to success in the game and increase your winning potential.

Teen Patti Software Developers

Plenty of software developers in India create incredible Teen Patti games. We can name the following ones:

  1. Orion InfoSolutions. This software developer has been around for over a decade and creates some of the most entertaining games. It offers the casino platform for many of the world’s top casinos.
  2. Artoon Solutions. They are well-known for their innovative game versions and pleasing graphics, making their games unique. Their reputation for providing great customer service is second to none.
  3. BR Softech. If you want a unique experience playing Teen Patti, this developer is the way to go. They offer players an engaging and immersive experience in the industry.
  4. Next Big Technology. This company has a stellar reputation for creating some of the best games. They make sure to give their users an enjoyable and exciting experience.
  5. Entrant Technologies. This developer has become renowned for creating high-quality Teen Patti games that give players access to different tables and tournaments.

If you choose the right software developer, you can rest assured that your gaming experience will be smooth and enjoyable!

Best Teen Patti Bonus Offers in India

These special deals keep you in the game longer, boosting your chances to win. You can unravel a world of unique and rewarding bonuses with these actual offers:

  1. Bons — 200% Deposit Bonus Up to ₹20,000. You only need to create an account and make the minimum deposit to get this bonus.
  2. Powbet — 100% Up to ₹8,000. To qualify for the bonus, the player must bet the total amount of the first deposit at least once with minimum odds of 1.50.
  3. Cobrabet — Deposit €10, Get €100 in Free Bet. You need to make bets from €10 each on the markets with odds of 1.30 or more.
  4. Fun88 — 300% First Time Deposit Bonus Up to ₹3,000. If you are new to Fun88, this is the perfect way to start.
  5. Cricbaba — 100% Up to ₹25,000. This bonus is available to all players who make their first deposits.

Whether you want to enjoy the thrill of Teen Patti from the comfort of your home or on the go, plenty of options are available!

Teen Patti Mobile Apps

Smartphones and mobile apps are transforming people’s play, and Teen Patti is no exception. Mobile apps are the way to get the most out of your gaming experience.

We recommend you pay attention to one of the following applications:

  • Teen Patti Gold — 3 Patti Rummy;
  • Teen Patti by Pokerist;
  • Teen Patti Ace Pro;
  • Teen Patti Octro — 3 Patti Game;
  • Teen Patti Game — 3Patti Poker.

These apps are available for Android and iOS devices and offer various options for the game. You can choose between traditional variations of the game or innovative ones. They feature simple navigation, intuitive gameplay, and multiple bonuses and promotions.


We hope this article has helped you understand the game and how to play Teen Patti online. You can enjoy an exceptional experience by choosing a reliable casino, taking advantage of the bonuses, and playing on one of the many mobile apps. So do not wait any longer and join the fun. Good luck with your Teen Patti journey!


What Is Teen Patti, and Where Did It Originate from?

This is an Indian gambling game, also known as a 3-card or flush. Its origins date back to the 19th century when Indian soldiers were stationed in the British military.

Is Playing Teen Patti Online Legal in India?

It is legal because no law explicitly prohibits playing it online in India. But any player must find a reliable platform to ensure the safety of their funds.

How Do Hand Rankings Work in Teen Patti, and What Are the Highest and Lowest Hands?

They assign a rank to each card, with the Ace being the highest. The highest hand is Trail, three of the same rank, followed by Pure Sequence and then three of a kind. The lowest hand is High Card.

Which Is the Best Teen Patti Hand?

This is subjective as it depends on the dealt cards. However, the highest hand is Trio, which gives you a great chance of winning.

What Is the Best Teen Patti Strategy?

The best strategy is to play cautiously and patiently. This means being aware of the other players’ cards, keeping track of the pot size, and taking little risk.